Parade of Owls

The Parade of Owls, a  series of artists' interpretations of "owl-ness", is a project of HARC, the Houston Arts Resource Council, with the generous support  of the Houston Community.

This project was funded in whole or in part with money from Minnesota's Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Parade of Owls: Take a tour around Houston, MN and find 9 Owl Sculptures.

1. 215 W Plum St.           At the entrance to the Nature Center

2. 215 W Plum St.          Within the Natural Playground

3. 110 N Grant St.          At Barista's Coffee Shop

4. 108 E Cedar St.          Near the Bank

5. 202 E Cedar St.          Near the Library

6. 330 S Sherman St.     At the north end of the Elementary School

7. 306 W. Elm St.           At the Northeast end of the High School

8. 109 W. Maple St.        Outside of the Houston Community Center

9. 510 E. Cedar St.          At the Valley View Healthcare and Rehab Center